Oh boy, what actual sleep will do for a pregnant woman! I hadn’t slept a wink aside for an hour nap each day in a few days. It was starting to take its toll. Yesterday I decided I would go full force with cleaning and trying to stay busy, hoping I would be so ridiculously tired my body couldn’t help but sleep.
We got up at 7am…here’s how it went: : :
: : Made oatmeal with bananas for breakfast
: : Spent two hours cutting Reese’s hair with scissors
: : Spent at least the next hour deep cleaning out the van
: : Vacuumed the entire house (even the kitchen! I was on a roll…)
: : Did the dishes
: : Cooked lunch for everyone
: :Took a nap
: : Made a really early supper (I just started cooking, not sure what I was thinking.)
: : Took apart and scrubbed the stove
: : Did more dishes
: : Scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom
: : Took out the trash
: : Tried not to pass out
: : went to the Elementary school with Zack and Miss P. to prepare a lesson
: : Ran around the playground with Penelope
: : Shaved Reese to clean up “rough patches” from his earlier hair cut
: : Sewed curtains for my bedroom
: : Crawled into bed and watched television via computer with Zack, and hoped I will crash before our 20 minute show is over.
: : Realized it was 10:30 pm and I am now wide awake.
: : Pouted for a bit out of frustration
: : Passed out.
The result this morning?
I felt wonderful and horrible at the same time. My body felt like it had been in a car wreck! Whip-lashed neck, creaky, stiff hips, bruised (feeling) belly. But I had SLEPT!! The pain quickly went away, and I finally felt great. So we’ve had a busy, wonderful morning! Here it is, with photos!
First item of business after breakfast? Try on all hair accessories! One at a time just won’t do…
We also picked out Birthday girls’ birthday outfit for this weekend’s party! Then packed her suitcase, just to be sure that what she wanted wouldn’t get dirty or lost before then.
[Her new silver shoes go with the two outfits on the right, I found them after the photos were taken]
She chose the accessories, I chose which outfits we’d bring, but she chose which one was her official party attire – you will have to wait until that post to find out which one. :)
Her outfit choice for today? Her “baby” onsie, sans pants, and a headband that fit her as an infant. OH! Red lipstick was also added to the mix later.
Since this she has spent half an hour in timeout, gathered quiet a collection of boo-boos, and is now pushing her water baby doll around the house in a stroller.
I am determined to let what sleep I got be constantly in my mind as a reminder to be grateful today. So, bring on the messes, timeouts, and never ending chores! I SLEPT!
Happy happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Sometimes I get tired too and fall asleep at the weirdest..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Hahaha, sleeping at random seems to work better for me that 'structured' sleeping, but that's not so good when there is a toddler that I'm responsible for running around the house.

  3. Is trouble sleeping common with pregnancy? I hope you have more restful sleep!

  4. Yes, this late in the pregnancy. I never had this problem with Penelope, my sister had it with both of her boys, and my mom didn't have it with any of us. Most women have this issue beginning around week 32. Not fun.


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