Getting Ready


Penelope and I have been working today on getting things ready for this upcoming weekend.
Our conversation this morning: :
Me: Who are we going to see tomorrow?
P: Am-ma!
Me: What is on Saturday?
P: Birt-day! Haha, party…Pawpaw!!
[Safe to say she knows what is coming!]
Just some grocery shopping tomorrow night when we get into town and decorating/ food prep Saturday morning while the birthday girl is out with Daddy - - then a party!!
Sunday I also have a baby shower to attend (if the Mama doesn’t have the baby before hand!), and Monday Zack and I will be celebrating Penelope’s official birthday here at home. Still not exactly sure what we will be doing to celebrate, but I have all of Monday morning to figure it out, so I’ll hold of thinking anymore about it until then.
Happy weekend!


  1. I'm going to assume that when she says "Am-ma" she's thinking about me! Ha! (Don't tell "Am-ma Penny"!-- I don't want her to know that "Am-ma Shooie isn't good at sharing cute little granddaughters!)

  2. Haha, she was talking about you :)


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