Enjoying Autumn

After debating and debating on whether or not to go ‘full-fall’ or not, I decided it would be a shame not to. Figured fall sill has two months left and I want to make our house a home, and I’ve always said once I have kids I’ll go wild with the holiday seasons! I was hesitant because the more stuff I buy (minus flowers and pumpkins) the more I’ll have to pack when we move, but that is silly because we just got here and I have no way of knowing how long we’ll be here, right?
Soooo, that being said, Penelope and I set out early this morning to gather what our décor was missing: : PUMPKINS! and mums. [As well as a new DIY project to spruce up our walls, more on that below!]
Here you have it, our living room: : :
This wreath and the pumpkins are the only new-to-us things, but it is all new to our entertainment center.
Sorry, bad photo, I had to turn the flash on…
Penelope chose yellow flowers and still can’t stop talking about them. She also can’t stop saying “PUMPKIN!!”
These are posters! I had two of our photos blown up at Staples and now have one hanging on either side of our entertainment center. I love ‘em! [Idea found here]
By the way, how cute is this outfit?!?!
IMG_0461  IMG_0462
A flower from Miss P. for you on this chili wonderful Thursday!
We will be doing some baking, painting pumpkins, and more crafts this weekend, along with some neighborhood walks, enjoying cold-weather food, drinking hot chocolate and planning (in detail) for the next month. We have a lot to do before this baby arrives (including my 25th birthday-yay!).


  1. i love your entertainment center set up! Penelly is such a cool girl hehe. I especially like the picture of her looking over her shoulder, its breath taking!

  2. You did an awesome job on the entertainment center. It looks great with the clock and wreath and your other little touches! Happy Autumn!


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