Penelope is TWO! The big 0-2! I. AM. LOVING. IT!
I can’t say it snuck up on me, it actually feels appropriately timed. That being said, I was not prepared for the drastic “over night” changes that occurred! It’s been a week yet she has pushed through to so many new traits.
Zack is calling them the terrific twos. That it is. She is even more loving and cheerful than she was at the measly 23 months! She is also talking so much better. Instantly knowing words she wouldn’t have anything to do with before, and saying new ones we didn’t even know she understood. It’s a good thing we don’t use bad language! Yikes! She will also attempt any words we throw her way, as oppose to staring at us like we’re crazy. Don’t get me wrong, we still get those looks. Frequently. :)
She is so independent now. She will play in her room with each of her toys and books for over an hour. She can almost get herself fully dressed. She can potty independently. Brush her teeth, hair, floss, and put away toys – *where she got them*.
She even has “chores.” She helps by cleaning her own room before bed, fold laundry (aka smoosh it into the tiniest wad and throw it into the hamper for Mommy to secretly re-fold), and she puts the soap into the dish washer and helps me push the correct buttons. She also helps sweep, wipes tables, throws her own trash away and puts her dishes into the sink.
She understands quite a bit more, which has led to NO fits, more cooperating, more hugs and kisses, and a lot less explaining simple tasks on my part. She even sat perfectly still for her hair cut this morning! What?! I can only imagine what is in store for us with baby #2, surely we can’t get off so easily twice, right?
She even has bigger features, she’s getting new molars, her ribs are “kid ribs,” her hands are more boney and developed and she’s taller! When her sister arrives in 3.5 weeks, Penelope is going to seem HUGE! Yeesh! That means I have 3.5 weeks to document what little girl is left in her!
I love this lady. She makes my heart so happy. Zack and I find ourselves staring at her for long periods of time, sitting staring at a movie,  coloring, playing “mama,”, looking at books… it’s a parent thing I suppose. Everything she does is awesome. Just a fact.
I’m not oblivious to the possibility of “terrible twos” showing up, just hoping they don’t!

Well, we’re off to paint!! Hope your Tuesday is terrific!

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  1. She definitely is looking older! She'll be ready for that little sister!


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