I know, I know, how many times can I change this thing right!? Well with a new little one coming into our lives I think she is due equal space on this blog, which will include her name in the title and [IMPORTANT] the domain, or web address. The new address will be changed first thing this upcoming Wednesday, so take note and please write it down – unless you follow me via Facebook links.
Also: : : The Photo a Day location will change on Wednesday as well, but you can get to it from the sidebar link, like always.
I will re-post BOTH new addresses on my Facebook page, and update them in my “about”section on FB Wednesday just incase.
Here you go: : : and note, these will not work until Wednesday morning: : :

*Blog: maeandrae.blogspot.com
*Photo-of-the-day: maeandraephotos.blogspot.com

E-mail me – or “Facebook me” if you have questions.

Thank you all so much for reading and taking an interest in our lives. and dealing with my constant changes!
(You can still see all of the past posts. I am just changing the address.)

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