We had a WONDERFUL relaxing and eventful weekend. It. was. perfect! We saw lots of family, ate lots of great food, Penelope enjoyed quite a bit of time with her grandparents, it was cozy, the weather was amazing, and Zack was able to get some outdoor projects done (he really needed it!).
Her reaction to her Lightning McQueen toy talking.
We are back home now and today has been just as sweet! (Just look at that face above!) Penelope let me sleep in until 8:00, we were able to spend two hours with Daddy this morning that we don’t usually get with him – which included a walk! – and Penelope and I spent most of our morning outside coloring, playing with cars and Cars stickers, aattempting bubbles – but we won’t get into that…oh and Reese was there too…wandering.
Today is my actual birthday, and it is going so great. I just hope Penelope will take a nap so I can, otherwise it’s down hill from here…
Coloring Uncle Ben a picture.
It’s looking like a thunderstorm is rolling in which will be perfect tonight to go with our leftover Smoked Chicken, Vegetable and Adzuki Soup from my birthday supper last night!
I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Monday!
*Don’t forget, the blog address will be changing Wednesday morning!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE "delighted-face" Penelope!


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