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Last night I tried three new-to-me recipes. Chik-fil-a bites and honey mustard dipping sauce, peach pie, and brussel sprouts - which I reckon is just more of a new way to cook them, as I usually steam them. It only took mine about 15-20 minutes instead of the 35-40 the recipe called for. Anyway, they were all delicious! I recommend them all!!
Today for lunch, we were running late (according to Zack’s lunch time) because of my doctors appointment (more on that below),  so I swung by Hardees and Taco Bell to grab some lunch – but I put it on nice plates, so that counter-acts the fast food factor, right? Considering I have cooked 99.9% of our meals since forever, I think it was time for a break.
Penelope has played with her train toy since she received it at her one year birthday party, but was never..hmmm…focused? enough to use the track and keep it in one piece. I dug it out today and she loved it. That train has not left her side since, it even came with us to the laundry room and every trip to the potty,
Zack and I started watching Lost from the beginning (for at least the four time) last week on his lunch breaks. Even though I’ve seen it so many times, I am still excited to start it all over.
My brother, Ben, gave me an AWESOME layered glass picture frame (above) a couple of years ago for my birthday (someone knows I love pictures…). The pictures in it had not been changed since before we moved from Bolivar, so the photos were dated, and I have yet to print recent photos, so until I get around to it, it will house Penelope’s lovely artwork! :) Isn’t it gorgeous!
I had a doctors appointment this morning, just routine. I go every two weeks now! Yay!
I was D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D to get answers this time - the kind set-in-stone, nailed down, written in permanent ink not pencil.
Mission accomplished!!
First things first lets get the giant elephant out of the way, shall we? I was told at the first appointment after my ultrasound that I had Previa again. Needless to say I wanted to cry, crawl into a hole, and panic was setting in swiftly.
Within the first two minutes of entering the room for the ultrasound I S-P-E-C-I-F-I-C-A-L-L-Y asked the lady if the placenta was in the right place, and after doing a few checks, she assured me I did not. You can imagine my surprise when the first things out of my doctors mouth a couple weeks later was (as if it was nothing, by the way), “Oh, it says here you have Previa.” –BOOM! My heart exploded.
This doctor “swears” Previa is nothing to worry about, quite boring, and no different from any other pregnancy. Really? I’ll play along… He doesn’t “believe in” bed rest, and told me I would go until at least my due date. I was certain I would bleed out and die by then. Zack and I agreed not to tell anyone, since this doctor was not going to do anything about it and the ultrasound photos had pictures that looked like full-blown Previa, and some where the placenta was nowhere near my cervix. So we decided to wait it out and see how it goes. I have yet to bleed. With Penelope I had just spent a week hiking up mountains in Wyoming before I bled.
This time I needed an actual delivery date. He actually took the request seriously! He checked my measurements, re-checked the photos, and compared them to my first due date. He says since the photos are a joke and I have yet to bleed, he is not counting it as Previa (which is why I am not telling you fine folks.). I will have another ultrasound somewhere in my 34th week to double check everything.
I will deliver at 39 weeks- NOVEMBER 9th our new little girl will arrive into the world!!
I still feel just as I did when I was pregnant with Penelope- dizzy, out of breath, and this girl has still not wandered above my belly button- and rarely get that high, but I will just be brushing it off and pushing through, ignoring the similarities.
I have a due date, no Previa, my blood sugar isn’t high, my baby will not need steroids (which in turn  means I won’t get “fat face” again – *bonus*), and my baby won’t have to be far far away from me in PCU after delivery! I am one happy lady today!
: : : Tomorrow Zack has a half day at school, my parents come into town until Sunday afternoon, we have a football game tomorrow night, Grape and Fall festival Saturday (WITH AUTUMN WEATHER!), and church on Sunday! Hooray for the weekend!!


  1. So you DO have Previa or you DON'T have Previa? It sounds like you've been getting plenty of mixed messages!
    (And your pictures made me hungry!)

  2. I....don't? Its what we're going with anyway. Remember the dumb things my doctor does from an earlier post?- Saying, "I'm going to go with, you don't have Previa." is one of them. "I'm going to go with..." should never come out of a doctors mouth. But it is good news, so I'm rolling with it!

  3. You're right. "I'm going to go with..." does not exactly inspire confidence in your medical professional!


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