Photo overload on this post, but how can I choose? There will be even more of the weekend on Facebook later.
This past weekend my parents came down from Friday until Sunday evening- SO. MUCH. FUN! We love it when they come to visit! Penelope certainly loved every minute of it.
Friday night we were planning on attending the football game, but once again it was rained out. So instead we played games and watched Penelope do high-larious things to show off for Grandpa and Grandma. Saturday we spend the majority of the day at the Grape and Fall Festival here in town. My sister and her family also came down for the day!
Zack had to do face painting with the high school Art Club from nine to one, so what better way to start our day at the festival than by getting our faces painted by The Master?!?
Cutest face painting ever? Yes, I think so!
We strolled through the Street Market for most of the morning, looking at such neat booths (usually I’m not impressed, but these were great!), smelling the pork sandwiches, funnel cakes, and homemade seasonal potpourri.There were mostly booths of handmade things (knit baby hats, quilts, jewelry, etc), and some with antiques.
Later we headed over to the main street to watch the parade- which was also, surprisingly, good!
The weather was perfect for a fall festival! I don’t think it got warmer than 70-75 degrees all day! After the festival, we headed one street over to our house and put Penelope down for a nap (I had to wake her up after 3 hours- the girl was worn out!). Audrey made me TWO pumpkin loafs while Penelope was napping, and the boys and I went to the car show portion of the towns excitement.
After naps were taken by all three kids, the whole group went for a walk to the park and back.
She got to push Samuel the entire time!!
Sunday my parents went with us to church, where we saw old friends/relatives (My Aunt Bonnie’s brother and his wife)- who knew!?! Then we came back here after lunch and Penelope took another, at least, three hour nap, while I took a two hour nap and my parents went on a hike with Zack! Finally Zack had someone to hike with! Next spring I bet we’ll be hiking a lot together as a family, but for now I’ll pass seeing as most of us know what happened last time I hiked while pregnant…
I did however take another slow walk with Zack and Penelope after my parents left. Then we hit up Yo-ki-doki, the local frozen yogurt place, which was awesome and I’m not big on ice cream!! No sweet teeth in this mouth. Maybe one tooth, I like almonds covered in dark chocolate…
Anyway, after little Miss P. got her bath we shared some popcorn and watched Rio, again before Daddy put her to bed. I’m not far behind her so I better get off of this computer! Hope everyone else’s weekend was wonderful!


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  1. Sounds like you all had a great time! You're really adjusting to small town fun!


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