Picnic Supper

Yesterday we decided to do something different. We loaded up the car with Penelope’s wagon, lawn chair, a ball, bucket, cameras, a large salad, three slices of pumpkin bread my sister made me, some drinks and headed to the park for supper and relaxation to take advantage of the awesome autumn weather!
It has been so nice having so much time with Zack each day since he started this new job! I am loving it! I look forward to Baby #2 getting so much time with him each day and him having enough time to make each day quality for both of our girls.
For the record, incase it’s not obvious, he didn’t actually punch her – or even touch her, but she thought it was HI-larious!
I am hoping many more days like this are in our future.
Today Penelope and I took a trip to the post office to send off some photos and then we headed to Rolla for some grocery shopping. We’re now back home having a snack, listening to music, and playing with baby dolls….wait, make that drawing on things with pen that we shouldn’t be…I’m still waiting for those eyes in the back of my head to come in. Maybe I didn’t inherit that from my mom. Sure would be handy.
I am trying to figure out video stuff in the hopes that I will be able to make that a part of the blog posts. Any suggestions on what you’d like to see more of on here?

Happy Tuesday!


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