Get This Girl Learned!

In realizing how lazy I have been with educating my little lady, I decided to begin teaching her a few things. Coloring inside the lines (this one is for Daddy), learning shapes, letters and numbers, and nailing down a knowledge of what the color green actually is. She seems to be guessing her colors instead of knowing them. I’m not sure how to fix that, but I’m going to try!
I plan on making these (above) worksheets for her and spending half an hour with her each day gettin’ learned. Hopefully Zack doesn’t notice my lumpy circle… if he is teaching Kindergarteners how to draw a perfect circle I can’t imagine the grade he would give this 25 year old “artist.”
Zack, Penelope and I have been sick, or getting sick, the past few days. Stiff neck, “sick head,” scratchy throats – the works.
Penelope’s “sick” has been getting gradually worse each day this week. Yesterday afternoon she began to get gunk (…mmmm…) built up in her left eye and some redness – along with her coughs, sneezes, and thick snot. [This is sounding like something you all want to hear, right? If so, read along otherwise skip down to the next paragraph.] Well, this morning her other eye was swollen (almost fully shut- Zack told her she could have whatever her wittle heart desired today), and that lovely gunk was in both eyes, she had a deeper cough, a squeaky voice, and thicker snot. I cleaned her up, and she has been dancing and playing this morning. She never acts sick, so most of the time I just let it pass on by without consulting a doctor, but I feel this is only going to drag out and get worse. She has a doctors appointment this afternoon, and hopefully they tell me something useful (and we like her new doctor).
We won’t get to have lunch with Zack, which is a bummer, but I made his favorite meal so it’s ready for him when he arrives. I hope it makes up for our absence. I plan on making blueberry waffles with eggs and other breakfast things for supper tonight. Leave to a pregnant woman to look forward to supper before she even rolls (yes. ROLLS.) out of bed. We will have to rush though, because Zack has two meetings tonight.
My house is a hot mess, but I don’t have even the tiniest of desires to clean it. I just panned the living room to check just how dirty it is and the only thing I can think about is how comfy my couch looks. So, I’m off to lie down for a bit before I have to start making an early lunch for us ladies.
Happy Wednesday Everyone

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  1. Poor baby! Well, her Dee Dee has pneumonia, so I hope little Penelope doesn't have the same problem!


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