What I’ve Discovered

I have discovered the secret to curing sick little ladies! Give her whatever she wants! Ha, just kidding, but certain things do make being sick not so terrible.
In Penelope’s case, it is only dressing in clothes a baby would wear [does it have snaps? does it cover your feet? then it’ll work], slapping on some Covergirl Hot Passion lipstick, and watching all of your favorite movies back to back as you lie on the couch, cuddled under a pile of blankets. Oh, and tickles! However, I think I enjoy giving more than she enjoys receiving…
Her eyes are not as bad today just a little red and puffy at times, and still has a deep cough with a bad case of the snots.
She is, however, feeling up to coloring, playing with her babies from time to time, and help me cook some homemade mac n cheese for lunch.
Right now I am hoping she will take a nap (yesterday she did not…I was not happy) so that I can take a nap.
Check out the photo of the day- it’s an especially cute one today!
Happy Thursday!


  1. It is the beginning of flu season, poor Penelly! Hope she fella better. Btw the lipstick its too cute!

  2. She has a style all her own! Adorable!


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