Shots, Blood Work, Cold Weather- OH MY!

This is mostly a “snapshots” post, with a few words about our day… our loooong day.
This morning I woke up early, knowing Penelope and I both had doctor appointments beginning at 9 o’clock, along with shopping to do. Penelope and I stopped by the store for a snack run (we don’t need a cranky two year old or a cranky Mommy thrown in the mix). Her appointment started half an hour late. I actually saw her doctor come dragging into the office 15 minutes after her appointment was supposed to start, hair unbrushed and jacket barely hanging on. Penelope received three shots, and I found out she also had to have blood drawn for lead testing…music to any mother’s ears, right?
  IMG-20121025-00365 IMG-20121025-00366
Tiniest gown!
After her blood was drawn.
We had an hour and a half before my appointment, in the same building, so we camped out for the next hour and twenty minutes in the lab department. Penelope flirted with every baby and elderly person in the room. When I had ten minutes before I had to be up on the fifth floor for my appointment I walked up to the receptionist and asked if there was anyway I could come back after my appointment –her response?- “Well, we were just about to call you back (sure you were…), you can go ahead and go through those doors.” Greeeeeat timing lady.
My appointment was easy breezy and quick (I only have one left!!)
Afterwards, we headed to Wendy’s for a little bit of food, then off to Walmart for a vacuum belt.
I was so tired! Penelope passed before we even got out of the parking lot. We went home and took some good naps!
I had to wake her up from hers and decided to bundle up and take her outside for a small walk and running around before the weather got too cold and began to rain.
On our way back to the house we spotted Daddy coming home. Those two are magic together…
We are in for the night having family movie night, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying food that is bad for us!
This weekend isn’t supposed to get above the 40’s, so we can finally bring out our coats. Pumpkin carving, painting, and projects Penelope got for her birthday will be done this weekend – should be good for a post or two. ;)

Happy Thursday!


  1. You girls were seriously busy today! I'm glad I didn't have to see her get her blood drawn...would have broken my heart!

  2. Oh...and the pictures are awesome! Thanks for capturing all her looks!


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