Getting Colder

Last night began our weekend of winter-like weather. I must say I am enjoying it! Yesterday the temperatures got up to eighty degrees and rapidly fell to forty degrees, oh Missouri.
I have been taking full advantage of this chilly break especially since it could be back up in the eighties next week! Hot chocolate, movies watched from under piles of blankets (with my little lady of course!), walks in layers of cozy clothes, long warm baths for baby girl, lots of soups, stews and chili, and socks – which I haven’t worn in months!
If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is 6 thousands words worth, for your viewing pleasure, expressing how much Miss P. loves walks : : 
You’re welcome!
Last night I began what I’m sure will be several days of preparation and expansion. In January I will be opening up my photography business and in the coming months of being indoors with our newest little lady, I will be expanding the blog – in regards to post material, options and hopefully a bit more creativity on my part. Nothing to “mind-blowing” or drastic. Just finding ways to fill my genetic need for change. Thanks mom ;).
Side note: : :
Penelope is in love with this monkey doll. They have been dancing, and taking walks & naps together. Oh, I mean “bunkie..”
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, whether it be chilly or warm!
I should be back later this weekend with more Penelope Project posts.


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