Yesterday our friend, Dylan, came to visit us from Springfield! Zack needed it. He doesn’t get time with his friends and I’m sure [as awesome as I am] seeing only me outside of work day in and day out can leave something to be desired. You know, that bond you only have with friends you’re not married to. :) I realize I am his favorite person in the whole world and his best friend, but Dylan is his other best friend. His male best friend. They went hiking, played video games, and enjoyed conversations of a nature I’m sure he missed having in the past few months [such as video games, which I couldn’t care less about.].
We also did some pumpkin carving. Penelope and I went to the playground behind our house to play while the boys did whatever boys do. She had a blast, and I was sad that I was the reason we had to go inside – but this baby is heavy! I also got to give her a bath (which is part of Zack’s daily time with her), and have movie time with popcorn and other snacks before bed.
As for me, well I think I am finally throwing in the towel, so to speak (and not bending over to pick it up!).This baby is just too big, making it hard for me to bend, walk, sit, stand, get up from lying or sitting, and so on…
I never made it to this point with my first, and didn’t know what to expect. My husband, being as fantastic as he is (Good job, Shari!), told me straight forward last night to stop doing anything in terms of cleaning, bending…well, anything more than sitting or lying down, and that he would take on those responsibilities for me.
Bummer for Miss. P. I wish she had somewhere to go for some fun with friends, but it looks like aside from the one doctors visit this week and a full morning of grocery shopping next week before I give birth, she won’t be doing much, and what she does do will be independently and with the same ‘ole things she has around the house. I think her and Zack are going to have to have a fun, out-of-the-house, day this weekend while she is still his only girl- and his little girl.
I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their Monday- take a walk if you’re able!


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  1. So fun that Penelope can get out and play before she becomes a big sister!


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