Hospital Prep

With only EIGHT days left at home before Zack and I head to the hospital to meet our newest daughter, Penelope and I have spent the first part of out day preparing for the baby’s arrival and hospital stay.
Along with washing the diaper bag – which hasn’t been used in almost a year – and installing the car seat, we gathered the items we’ll be taking to the hospital for the wee one.
This time around is so different from our last delivery experience, even though I will be having another c-section. Last time I had spent the final month of my pregnancy on “bed rest” at the hospital, so I had tons of time-wasting junk to load up and no idea what I needed for the baby’s stay at the hospital (or way to prepare it). Penelope spent a week in the NICU just as a precaution, so I only got a little time with her each day. They supplied everything she needed – however I wish I had brought her some larger clothes. She was only 5 lbs 5 ozs but she was 21 inches, which meant way too tall for the preemie clothes they supplied. Her legs were scrunched into each outfit the whole time.
This time around –HOPEFULLY- our baby can be in my room, and go home when we do! I know the hospital will supply wipes, diapers, creams, shampoo, etc, but I am packing some of those things just incase.
I’m hoping they supply a pump, so I don’t have to pack more than a small bag for the baby and one for myself. Knowing me though I will end up with stuff like that stashed in the car just in case…I’m a bit of an over packer when it comes to new situations.
Receiving blankets! I plan on snuggling with her a lot! ;)
Rags, nail clippers, mittens, nose bulb, Penelope’s hospital brush, soap and the ever amazing diaper doo. Penelope never had a rash or sore bottom – this was her first and only tube of diaper doo. Here’s to hoping the new baby has her great skin!
Two gowns – she only has four, I want to make sure there are fresh ones for her to come home to.- socks, and an outfit to come home in. I plan on packing two extra outfits at least, but I haven’t chosen which two to bring, and a jacket.
Penelope was practicing her nail trimming skills. Her babies are so well taken care of.
I will also be packing a bag for Penelope’s trip to the hospital. She picked out a teething toy for her sister. I’ll let her deliver it  :), as well as some coloring material – some very loved BOOKS – a baby doll and snacks. Possibly a small camera of ours so she can document her sister as well.
We’re bringing my camera (could you imagine if I forgot that special little item! I would be beside myself!), computer, and video camera. My older brother, Joe, is taking photos, while Zack takes video, when Penelope arrives Saturday to meet her sister. I will, surely, be ugly crying and too emotional to function, so I definitely appreciate my brother coming down to see us early that morning!
Any tips that you think might help?


  1. Before u go in to surgury for the c section have someone explain to penelope that u have boo boos and to b gentle when she gives mommy hugs bc u will b on pain ofcourse. It wrked good w Connor. We had to do that cuz we were afraid when he saw me again that hed get so excited to see me he may run towards me full force which would have hurt bad after c section ofcourse

  2. Awwwww,Penelly is so ready to be a big sis look at her :)

  3. Looks like you're ready! Me too!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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