Much Needed Help

The other day I wrote about throwing in the towel and refusing to bend over to pick it up [which, honestly, at this point if something actually falls on the floor it stays there] – well my mom is coming to pick up that imaginary towel! After talking with her yesterday it became apparent to both of us that my entire family needed her help! All for different reasons of course.
With my mom helping me Zack will be spending all of his free time this week getting his lesson plans ready for the next week and a half – including material for the substitute. He will still get his time with Penelope this weekend, since it’s our last weekend with just one daughter.
Penelope will get a playmate again! Someone to take walks with, read her books, and a LAP to sit on!
I can REST! When I go grocery shopping I won’t have to push a full, heavy, cart around, and I will have help deep cleaning the house before the baby’s arrival home!
I’m not sure how long she is staying, but at least a few days. :)
After yesterday evening I quickly began to realize that making it to the ninth may be asking too much to ask of this little girl.
I have my final doctors appointment tomorrow and I have some questions, but regardless I will only deliver early is my water breaks or if contractions begin and get to the pain point of labor. No matter how intense the pain gets for me I am hoping and praying I can hold out until the 9th! I would be even more miserable not having Zack beside me during delivery. I would hate him missing her first moments, and having someone to hold my hand – especially if the numbing shot doesn’t work, again.

My next post might just be a baby announcement!


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