Coming to an End

As this time in my life comes to an end, I have yet to become nervous or anxious. I am sad to see this belly go knowing there is only one day left in my life where I will be so lucky as to carry a child inside me. I love being pregnant. I love the kicks, the hick-ups, the tiny reminders that there is a baby in there.
I equally love the prize I will receive Friday morning for carrying this beach ball (that feels the weight of a bowling ball…) under my clothes for the past nine months!
I am excited to hear that first cry. To feel her weight in my arms. To see her tiny movements and squirms. To hear those soft baby breaths.
I am prepared for the ugly cry that will no doubt happen when Penelope arrives to meet her sister. When she kisses her sister – I’m going to die! Oh, the delight that will be on that child’s face…
I am wide awake at 2 am writing a blog post I had no intension of writing, so I am obviously ready for long nights awake, wishing I could be asleep. I’ve hardly slept in over a month so – bring it on ______ Rae!
I am not holding her to the high standard her sister has set. She is more than welcome to keep me up nights, be picky about what she eats, be messy messy messy, and refuse to be potty trained- however, I wouldn’t be mad if she decided to follow in her sister’s awesome and unexpected ways… :) We gave Penelope the same option when she was born, but she chose to be a rebel. The tidy, calm, go-with-the-flow rebel.
Our hospital stay this weekend (should nothing go wrong) should be on the calm side with only three visitors, that we know of. I did not get quality time with Penelope the week after I delivered her. The week was a painful sad mess (only due to surgery recovery and missing my baby). I am so so so happy about the possibility of a “normal” experience, where my baby can be in my room with me and go home when I go home. Oh, and Zack will be there! Last time he was student teaching an hour away from the hospital, so we only saw him for an hour or so, and not everyday.
Maybe that is why I am so calm 24 hours before I wake up (if I’m sleeping) to go meet my newest baby girl. I will be nervous when the time comes, for the spinal shot and surgery, but what comes after I am not worried about.
I am going to miss being pregnant though. One more day to enjoy it!
Well, I’m going to take another crack at this sleeping thing Zack seems to be enjoying…be back on Friday!


  1. We will be praying for a uncomplicated delivery! Praising God that you were able to enjoy this pregnancy without having to spend a month in the hospital.
    We'll tell Dick and Dee to call us when she is here!

  2. It IS such a miracle, isn't it? I can't wait to get on the road and get down there! I'm just as excited as I was for my other 3 grandbabies. I feel so blessed!

  3. So excited!!! I can't wait to meet another joyous beautiful soul you guys will raise! We are praying for a safe and wonderful delivery Madam!

  4. You ladies are awesome!

    Aunt Karen - Dick and Dee will be one of the first to know, for sure. Dee Dee will have another little lady to adore her :)

    Shari - HURRY HURRY HURRY!! I know another little girl is on her way to being smitten with you!

    Sarah - I am so excited for both of our girls to bond with you over the Christmas break! Squeeze lots of snuggle time into your plans!

    Beth - you are awesome. You've always been Team Jade and Zack's #1 fan. I hope our girls grow up knowing you as Aunt Beth - expect a text by lunchtime tomorrow!


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