Miss Amelia Rae

She’s here!!! Amelia arrived Friday just before noon at 8 lbs 1 oz, and 20 inches long.
Zack has been a prince, a trooper, and one very happy Daddy! My girls are born Daddy’s girls. I have to say it is too cute for me to be sad about not being the favorite.
So far she enjoys sleeping. She couldn’t care less about eating, whether we hold her or not (not that that stops us from doing so, of course!), and DOES NOT like to have her diaper changed!
Penelope is smitten. She acts as though this is our normal. She was not disturbed by the cords, when I was pumping, my lack of belly, or the new baby girl everyone wants to hold. She loves Amelia and acts like they have been best friends for a while now. No jealousy yet.
Penelope picked out some flowers for me at the store before her first visit to see us. All on her own! I love them, she is so sweet.
Yesterday my sister, her boys and my mom came down to visit – spontaneously – it was such a nice surprise! Today my older brother and his girlfriend Megahn drove down to spend the afternoon and meet Amelia. She is in love with all of them, and they with her.
This experience has been wonderful, start to finish. Hard to believe since I had surgery, but the doctor and nurses were hilarious, and I had no pain during any part of they whole procedure. I’ve had plenty of sleep, a shower, and I’m unhooked from all machines!
Two more days for Zack and I to relax!

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