Here are some snapshots from our week. I promise I'll get back to writing more, but right now I am squeezing this post in pretty tight as it is. I am thinking of doing some regular (weekly) posts, such as 'Snapshot Saturdays' and 'Make It Mondays', so let me know if you have a favorite topic that I talk about on this here blog! It doesn't have to have to fit in with a particular day of the week like those two examples. Seriously, I would love any input you have to give. Do you like seeing us out in town? Playing? Creating?

We are in the process of making a desk for our room, in case you were wondering about the wood being sawed in half on our bed. 
Penelope and I have been painting and decorating like crazy this past week, mostly for Valentines Day. I've never been fond of the idea of Valentines Day, but it has given our creativity a direction to go! Penelope has also made Valentines for a few people. 
Amelia is mastering the bumbo and is having major pacifier withdraws poor thing. Her tongue is still a little short and she is having trouble using one, so we're (a.k.a.- Amelia, but I'll say we're for moral support) quitting cold turkey! Not fun.
Zack's second semester of teaching is going great! He is much more at ease about the whole thing this time around.

P.S. Isn't Miss P. Hot stuff in that last photo. She always looks cutest when she dresses herself.
P.S.S. I can't get enough of them holding hands. I love love love my ladies.


  1. Awesome pictures! I love how you put the picture of 'Mia crying and right after it you put a picture of Pen holding her hand. I got a little misty! They are too precious together. As for your blog, you should never feel pressured--you should post when the muse hits! I love any and all of your blogs!

  2. Penelly dresses like a boho chic fashion model! love it! Miss Mia (finally thought of a nick name!) is looking a lot like her Daddy, and i love the happy camper onesie

  3. Ha, yes she is very boho chic! Miss Mia does look a lot like her daddy! She got that onsie from Aunt Audrey for Christmas :)

  4. I keep looking at the pictures and smiling...woodworking with the bed as the workbench...ballerina Amelia in the bumbo...Penelope in the middle of an explosion of color and creativity...they are all wonderful.

  5. Thanks Shari! We can't wait to see you in a few days!!


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