Winter Weather


Isn’t she gorgeous…


This afternoon the weather was so nice, somewhat warm with a soft breeze, so we decided to take a walk. By the time we rounded up hats, coats, socks, boots, and headed out the door it was so cold!!! We of course went on a walk anyway, because it's hard to accept that 40 minutes of preparation was all for nothing.


We had a very enjoyable weekend, which could be much needed, since my ladies may very well become sick from that walk we just took! Ha!


Tomorrow we’re making more Valentines, snuggling, and cleaning for company coming later in the week, but mostly so mess doesn’t pile up, ‘cause any mother knows, it sure does pile up quick!

Amelia is getting bigger each day, she’s starting to coo, and mimic noises I make, and she stills smiles at every thing I say. I am loving it! She is, however, still crying for her pacifier most of the day. I am ready for that battle to be over!


Penelope took this photo of a shed on our walk. :)

Zack is in the process of putting our girls to bed, Penelope went to bed an hour ago, yet somehow is still awake, so Daddy is being the bad cop…no fun. Now she’s throwing a fit…yeesh…

Hope everyone else has a wonderful night!


  1. Glad you got out of the house! Fresh air is good for everyone!

    (No need to clean for your "company")


  2. Ha, I do, however, need to clean for my sanity ;)


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