Spring Weather?


Just one day after posting about taking a walk in winter weather, we dig out our shorts – yep, I said shorts!- and take a walk to the park on a whim. Of course we couldn’t let this beautiful day go to waste.


We    t o o k   o u r   t i m e  getting there, swinging, feeding baby girl, meeting a new friend, and walking back making sure to take it all in. The sounds of singing birds. The warm breeze blowing my little girl’s hair back as she walked by my side. Watching my smallest soak in the new environment.

Can’t wait until outside activities become the norm again.


That friend I mentioned earlier is one of Zack’s first grade students. He is so adorable. He ‘made the rounds’ of the park seeing who he could help. He helped me push Penelope, who thought it was weird at first, then quickly thought it was hilarious. He later went on to help two other kids. Such a good guy.


The house is sparkling (for now), the girls are tucked in fast asleep, and I am going to enjoy a romantic comedy with the hubs!

Until next time…

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