Physical Therapy


I hear Zack ruffling around in the dark looking for something around 6:30 this morning. Next thing I know I am receiving my good-bye kiss at 7:00. Time to d r a g by booty out of bed…

I wake Penelope up and dress her with an outfit, I picked out the night before, as she goes potty. We giggle about how quiet we have to be since Amelia was still sleeping. (Whispering is hilarious!!)

I pour a bowl of dry cereal and a glass of milk for Penelope, being sure not to sleepily mix them, in case we have to take it with us in the car, start up the bottle warmer, and head back to the girls room to wake up Miss Rae. Dress. Bottle. Car seat. Warm the car. Spend 10 minutes furiously searching for purse. Rush out the door.

Why? Amelia had her first physical therapy appointment this morning. We had to be there at 8:30. As to the question, why agree to an appointment so early? I have no idea what I was thinking!!


The right side of her neck is just tight. Penelope’s was the same way as is mine and all of my siblings, although we never got ours fixed. I say just tight, but it could lead to vision problems, a flat head, and other problems. Penelope had a flat head but with therapy she is fine now. If Amelia’s isn’t better in 6 weeks she has to start wearing a helmet. Penelope’s was more severe and she never had to, so I’m not too worried about it.

I have some exercises and stretches to do with her several times a day, and thankfully I have 24 hours a day with her to complete them!

- Right now Amelia is crying and Penelope keeps bringing her toys to make her “feel better,” so I better go make sure she isn’t drowning in a bed of toys! Such a sweet sister.

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. If she ends up needing a helmet, we will bedazzle & glitter it and make it the height of baby fashion!


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