Yesterday it began snowing in the afternoon, that soft flowing kind of Dr. Seuss snow.

What goes perfect with snow? Homemade chili and baking cookies!


My mother-in-law is visiting for a few days – she made chili yesterday for lunch – so so good!!!


All the ladies took naps while I worked on some computer things, until out internet went out again. Third world problem, I know, then I ran out to the store for some baking supplies, third world blessing.


Penelope used the rolling pin and cookie cutters from a Playdo play set she has, which we cleaned first, of course.

By the time we made it to the final  two cookies, someone had a mini meltdown…ahem…it was Penelope.


But then Grandma Shari gave her an awesome bath and everything was right with the world again!


Now we’re off to explore neighboring towns! “Adventure is out there!”

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  1. I love that little face---even during a meltdown!


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