Continuing Spontaneity


“Want to go for a walk?”


Those seven words began the flow of our evening. It was in the fifties yesterday! (It’s snowing again today, oh Missouri…) We are a family who thoroughly enjoys  walks. Zack and I took them even before we had kids.


I love to see this girl happy.


Taking a break for a phone call.


We stopped by the video store to rent Penelope a movie. (Movies, 3 days for a dollar?? Yes, please!) She runs straight to the back where the kids movies are, then begins to slowly and carefully make her decision. Her first pick is usually a movie they only have on VHS or one she recognizes from our house, but she always ends up with a choice she is excited about. This time she chose a Tinkerbell movie, but ended up bringing home Lilo and Stitch.


The school gave Zack a coupon for a free slice of pie from Diana’s Diner in town, so we decided to stop in for supper. The thing is though, we forgot the coupon, comes with being spontaneous I guess :). We, as you can see, ate there anyway. It was tasty!


Amelia slept through supper…

Afterwards we headed home, just to leave again to pick up some (much needed) groceries.

We ended the night playing a new board game (picked up at Target Saturday) in our pajamas. Penelope has won all three times we have played.  Stinker.


It’s an ages three and up game, but she is pretty great at it and doesn’t get frustrated.

Well, I’m going to go play with my girls- happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your spontaneity! Hopefully Spring will makes its appearance soon and there will be many more "walk-blogs"!

  2. I hope so! C'mon warm weather!


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