Zack turned 25 last Thursday, and well… there is nothing to do where we live, so we decided to wait until the end of the month to celebrate when we will be in St. Louis. However, we are a family that enjoys going and experiencing things as oppose to sitting around in our free time. So, Friday night we decided we’d like to spend Saturday in Springfield and take Miss Penelope to see her first theater movie! We would’ve gone somewhere closer, but the closest theaters showing children’s movies were 2 hours in either direction.


We started our day at the mall to try and find the girls some dresses for Dee Dee and Pawpaw’s 60th anniversary. (We later found them at Target, the only store tall thin girls are welcome!)

Penelope has a thing for mannequins.  Always has. Her face lights up, she grins from ear to ear (unconsciously it seems), and slowly makes her way towards them. She admires their shoes, holds their hands, and smiles up at them so sweetly, and if a chance arises, she unzips their jackets.




We were going to eat lunch at the food court (any chance to eat Chick-fil-a, right?), but our lack of hunger was stronger than our desire for that tasty tasty chicken. So, Frozen yogurt it was! Zack took Penelope to pick out exactly what would be a-top said yogurt. Thankfully, he only gave her fruit choices. Gummies and such were no where to be found when they returned. Amelia did, however, desire a hearty lunch, as you can see above. Gotta keep those rolls in tip top squishy shape!


See what I mean about the mannequins?


We still had some time to kill before the movie started, so we stopped by one of Zack’s favorite stores, Dynamic Earth, an outdoor / / health food store. Penelope loved every bit of it! Amelia slept through every bit of it…

I think Zack and I were a bit more excited for Penelope to see her first theater movie. I always thought she would be four or five but she loves movies, is so stinkin’ well behaved, and well that was enough for us!


It. was. adorable! She would say “More?” after every preview. :) Zack and I just kept grinning at each other throughout the whole thing (no doubt smiling about how wonderful and adorable our girls are). Amelia was just as good! She was awake through most of it, mesmerized through most of what she saw, and peacefully pleasant through the whole movie. I love our girls. Needless to say, Penelope will probably going to see another one over spring break, but we might find a babysitter for Miss A, just in case.

After the movie we went on over to Target, where the perfect dresses were found. Oh so pretty!

Then we were finally hungry for some actual food. I got to chose, so Chipotle’ it was! My favorite.


Penelope scarfed down her bean rice and cheese! So glad she loves food! Not sure how I would handle a picky kid.

Happy 25 Zack! We love you! Thanks for taking your ladies out to celebrate!


  1. Thanks for posting your celebration...and a late birthday wish to Zack. Surely hope you all come to, or through,Georgia this year!

  2. You guys are such a fun family! And I laughed out loud when I saw Pen holding a silver mannequin hand!


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