Snow Shoot


It has been a steady drizzle of snow today. Since it may be the last snow of the season we decided to head outside to take some photos before dark.


Penelope loves snow! She loves to walk in it, eat it, and watch it fall from the sky. Definitely one of her favorite things in life – oh, and red lip stick, as you can see. :)


This pink bear suit was a gift to Penelope when she was born. I love it. It encourages snuggling and big bear hugs, both of which I am fond of. I’m glad the seasons were right for Amelia to wear it!


And look! I’m in some photos!

I love this family. If bees had knees…

Hope everyone else is enjoying the snow around here! Usually by January I am ready for warmer weather, but this year I am enjoying each day as it comes. Snow in April (again)? Bring it on, I’ll enjoy it.

Also: : : My husband’s 25th birthday is Friday!!! – Don’t wait for a post on it though, as we will not celebrate it until spring break in a couple of weeks.

Happy March everyone!


  1. I ADORE that last picture of you and Amelia. Priceless! Needs to become a wall poster!

  2. I love the picture of you and Penelly is so beautiful you're so happy! Look at that freakin' perfect family right there! :D

  3. Thanks Beth! She does make me happy!


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