I noticed over the weekend that I have not posted anything new in quite a while. I use this blog to update family who live states away, and dearly miss our girls and as a way for me to document our lives so that I may look back at memories we’ve made. So, sorry far away family, I’ll do better :)


Zack had a four day weekend (Thank you snow!) and we certainly made use of each day. We set up A’s crib – we had been using a bassinet / /  pack ‘n play. I am so glad we’re able to re-use the handmade mobile gifted to us by my bestie, Yesi. I think she is loving the wiggle room her new bed supplies.

Also, just throwing my prediction out there – I think Miss A will have some red to her hair and brown eyes (my favorite combo of hair / / eyes). Right now she has a dark rich blue, Penelope’s were lighter by now.


We filled our walls with freshly framed photos and toddler art, and created plenty more.


Cleaned the house, and took a photo, because it certainly does not look like this now…


Penelope adores her little sister, and enjoys taking care of her. I love when I walk into a room and Penelope is kissing her sister’s hand and saying, “Aww, baby. Baby cute.” She is, as my mom put it, “An absolutely precious, beautiful soul.” She knows only how to love.


Her Bible (from Great-grandparents Geraldine and Herbert) has been her favorite book to “read” this past week. We have a Bible study each morning. Lately I have been reading “More?!” than one story at a time. Can’t get enough.


Amelia. My buddy. Her favorite thing? Mama’s voice. Everything I say is hilarious!! I am taking it while I can, because I am not naturally side-splitting funny, and she’ll figure it out eventually. Anything to make this girl squeal, grin as big as her Vovo Sammy, and babble so sweet.


This weekend we played LOTS of games. Speed, War, Dominos, and the newly invented flip-your-cards-over-and-put-’em-in-a-pile. (classic in the making.) Had at least ten dance parties, and too many trips to The Walmarts.


This upcoming month we have Zack’s 25th birthday, spring break!, and [the famous] Pawpaw and DeeDee’s 60th wedding anniversary. Oh, and Miss Amelia hits the 4 month mark of life – cue uncontrollable sobbing. When older-than-I folks say time flies or where did the time go? They aren’t joking. I still remember middle school vividly. BAM! I’m 25 with two kids and a husband of nearly 6 years. Next time I blink my babies will be 30 and have babies.

Also I realized when I thought about my future as a kid I thought I would travel the would documenting it through photography, maybe get married around 25 and have all of my kids before 30. I only had two names picked out. Volree and Lorelai. No boy names. I certainly didn’t think I would end up with only two girls. I bet the Lord laughs, or at least snickers, when we make plans for our future.

Hope everyone enjoys the final days of February 2013!


  1. Thanks for all the updates of your family. I love the visits, just wish we were close enough for some hugs!!

  2. So happy to get a fresh blog! Awesome updates! I got a kick out of seeing Penelope in the lavender horsey nightgown. I remember when it was almost to the floor and now it practically hits her at the knees! And Amelia is getting more beautiful by the minute--no matter what color her hair or eyes turn out to be! Your girls are lovely!

  3. I wanna play the new turn the card over game lol! Though i'm not distant family I love the blog and you too are funny, Miss Mia is smart and gets your witty humor now! They are too adorable


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