3 months


My sweet sweet Amelia turned 3 months last week. We are so blessed to know her. She makes our days brighter.


She is now rolling over, scooting, cooing (my favorite), trying terribly hard to giggle, reaching for objects, putting any toy she can hold in her mouth, and grabbing my hair whenever possible (ouch!).

She loves car rides, Mommy’s face (hee hee), kisses, looking at her reflection, snuggling, walks, having her photo taken (hooray!) – she now looks toward the *click* (double hooray!), and music sooths her like none other, she’s a Big Band fan.


She does not like “tummy time,” neck exercises, or…well I think that’s it. She is a very pleasant lady. 

I hope the next three months don’t fly by so fast!

Well, I’m off to go play with her!


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