For the Love of Books

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It’s no secret, Penelope enjoys a good book. Actually, she enjoys the not-so-good ones as well (Mommy’s not a fan of Dr. Seuss) . This is something Zack and I are thrilled about. I am hoping Amelia follows in her footsteps. So far so good, as you can see. :)
Usually by the end of each day, books are in every room of the house. There are books by my bed, in case she crawls in bed with me as I take my sweet time waking up (more often than I care to admit!). Books in the kitchen for the times it is unsafe for her to help cook, yet she still wants to spend time with me. Books in the living room for when Mommy is on a cleaning rampage and cannot be interrupted. Waterproof books for the tub, and of course a slew of books in her room, for those days when we spend the majority of our time lounging in there.
She has been particularly interested in books pertaining to bears. It’s a good thing she has a few, the princess topic was wearing on me. :) I think it’s safe to say, aside from new records (more on that later) and an easel at some point, books will be her gifts from us at birthdays and Christmas.
Happy Reading!
Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing. Psalm 34:10

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