Spring Break : : 2


Saturday night we drove up to St. Louis to spend our spring break with our families. I have to say, I am glad we didn’t let the snow hold us back or slow us down! This year is the first where I have looked forward to and enjoyed winter weather. I don’t even mind that we probably won’t be going to zoo this time around (and I loves me some zoo!!!) or wearing springy dresses.


Thanks Dad for letting me borrow your boots!

We have received at least 12-15 inches of snow. Pretty snow. I love the c h I l l that comes with snow. The clean air that follows. Watching Penelope walk with her tongue out if only to catch one delicate snowflake.

Penelope gets so excited when she is able to eat snow. I should just  carry an ice cream scoop, bowl and spoon on our outings so she can eat on the way.


After about 2 minutes outside my hands were numb. As I said yesterday, I did not pack appropriately. No gloves in my possession.


The view my parents have. No animals sharing the field with us. I really wanted to see a deer in snow.


It is the type of snow that stays together as you grab it. The good stuff. I am very happy when I see dads outside building forts, igloos, and tunnels with their kids, but where are the moms?? Come on moms. Borrow your mother-in-law’s boots and play with your kids!!


The sun is shining now, so I’m going to go play with my eldest out of doors!

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