Spring Break : : 1

The earth’s clock may say spring, but Missouri’s doesn’t. So for the sake of snowpocalypse-three we’ll just call this vacation “break.”
It has been great despite the weather, maybe a bit because of the weather. Although I could do without meteorologists getting one right, and while I am so grateful for a mother-in-law who has, not only the same size foot as me, but rain boots and generosity to share them, I wouldn’t mind common sense to pack more than ballet flats, high heels, and mesh tennis shoes when snow is expected to fall on my “break” destination. –oh, and maybe faith in those meteorologists!
My dad is finally able to hold his 6’9” baby in his arms.
Our first day of break was spent at my parent’s house since the zoo was not an option. We had a teeny baby shower for my sister, played games, made chicken and dumplings, and had facetime with my younger brother.
We played a bit in the snow, but mostly watched it through the windows. Josh and Zack built a snowman and threw snowballs at the windows – which the kids thought was hilarious! We made a few not-so-easy trips across the street to my sister’s house for things forgotten in preparation for our day trapped by such fierce weathers.
My dad and I made chicken and dumplings for lunch, and my mom made lasagna for supper. Two delicious and warm meals! We drank hot chocolate, coffee, and snacked on popcorn and oranges.
Amelia has a new best friend. I’m not too excited about being replaced, but look at how much they adore each other! Who could blame the gal, Grandpas are awesome, hers more than most! She is pretty blessed in the grandparent department.
Best buds.
Penelope and Leo had so much fun together! They need to hangout more often. Samuel is just fine on his own, and rarely mingles with the “big kids.” He does, however, enjoy the company of Aunt Jade. :)
More on the snow tomorrow! I think we need to play in it a bit more today before it’s gone, don’t you think?


  1. Zack sure is a lucky man, not just one creative and pretty girl but 3! Lol I like the pic of your dad holding his "baby" Ben... Kansas didn't get nearly as much snow as Missouri (I went to vacation in the exotic land of Kansas to visit Ashley ;P ) was hoping for spring weather myself lol, oh, well


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