So. Our? lady’s basketball team is in the top four teams for the entire state of Missouri. Hooray! Our town is tiny. Itty bitty. Blink and you’ll miss it. So tiny, that if your school’s basketball team wins fourth in the state, the entire town takes a half day so anyone and everyone can drive two hours to watch the finals. Woot Woot!
So what did the newbies do instead? Lunch in the park. It was warm today. I’m talkin’ w a r m ya’ll! Dig-out-those-shorts-ignore-the-massive-amounts-of-hair-on-your-legs-‘cause-it’s-blonde-anyway-and-every-minute-spent-shaving-would-be-one-less-minute-outside kind of warm!
We even brought our often neglected Reese along without a leash.
Our team lost, but they are playing again tomorrow to see if they are 3rd or 4th…yep, another half day. Zack has a meeting in the morning [sounds so official :)] at the high school then a sub so that he and the other elementary teacher can hang up art for an art show. – then he is free until Monday! Double hooray!
The rest of my day went something like…
A bomb went off in the girl’s room.
Mommy sent the girls out of the room and did some major fixin’ of what was previously a war zone. (Usually Penelope cleans up her room, but I was on a mission.)
Flower booty! You’re welcome.
Zack went back to work to finish up some grading. Afterwards we went grocery shopping for two whole hours. Not my idea of fun. Miss P. loves her fruits and veggies!
Amelia’s favorite past time (aside from cuddling with, talking to, and staring at Mama, of course) is gnawing on her fists. She tries certain toys, but always circles back around to those cute little hands of hers.
Today I am taking her 4 month photos for tomorrow’s post! I feel like I was just writing a post about her turning 3 months. Life gets so much faster once you have children. Just when you want it to slow down.
Well, happy Friday!

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  1. Hurray for warm weather...and for anything else that inspires a new blog post!


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