Goccer Game


Callin’ the shots. Really she just wanted to sit on the bleachers instead of the grass, but wouldn’t it be cute if she was yelling orders at the players??


We went to our final soccer game of the year yesterday. I took a few photos, but I also gave Penelope the camera to walk around with and take photos of anything she desired. I’ll let you figure out which ones are her handy work. :)


It had been a long long day. By the time we reached the game at 6 o’ clock, had I blinked longer than a millisecond I would’ve fallen into a deep deep sleep. But I pushed through. Shame to let such good weather go to waste.


The girls had their fill of “going” by then as well, and I think Penelope was pushed to her limits. I guess she could just be so wonderful because I never let her reach those limits before resting? Whining, meltdowns, “Why?” exclaimed as though the world was ending, tears for insignificant things, and resisting the thought of bedtime (usually she is eager to head to bed, she hadn’t had a nap due to a run to the doctor followed by the store right at naptime.)


She thoroughly enjoys soccer games, so I think we will be paying visits to the field on our own time to let her run wild. Queen of the futebol field.


Selfie shot. :)


She became really good at balancing the ball on her head. For 1.5 seconds. Boy was she happy!


Amelia took a nap, played her piano (new favorite toy!), gnawed on her birdie, and showed no interest in the players or the game right in front of her.


  1. Beautiful day~! Beautiful girls~!

  2. Amelia says,"I have no time for this Tom foolery that is soccer when there is music to be made and birds to be chewed on!"

  3. Haha, I think that is exactly what she was thinking! We may have another artist on our hands..?


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