6 months


There are many milestones we celebrate in life. One year, eighteen, twenty one, thirty, fifty, and one hundred. Half a year is pretty special to a mama. It is a turning point from baby, to when did she get so grown up!?


There are been so many almosts this past month, that I’m sure will become sturdier abilities by her seven month post.

She is desperately attempting to crawl. As of now she switches from an army crawl to an on all fours (above) rocking motion. Rearin’ up to go!


I am enjoying these struggles. Failed attempts making her legs and arms gradually stronger. She gets around with a steady determined swiftness too curious for the available roaming room in our tiny apartment. I’m hoping we are in our new place by the time she crawls.


She is now on a steady breakfast, lunch, and supper meal schedule, with bottles before going to sleep, as well as trying puff snacks. So cute watching her chew. She always looks disgusted, yet wants more…

She is also teething and learning to sit up on her own. So far she leans forward a bit. Still loves her feet. :)

I’ll leave you with a photos of my ladies enjoying each others company.


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  1. Look at those dark blue eyes! Miss Mia is just too cute, she always looks so calm and whimsical

  2. She is the calmest baby I've ever met :)


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