5 months

My baby is five months old today. I love every bit of this lady.
I think I’ll begin with how much I love her face! It’s such a good face.
The sloop from her forehead to the tip of her nose. Her puffy squishable cheeks. The perfect design of her ears. Her short heart-shaped tongue. Her big dark blue eyes. I could stare at it all for years and years and years. Better than television!
Now. How about these feet? I think she enjoys them as much as I do. So far it looks like she inherited the look of her Daddy’s feet. They are one of my favorite things to kiss! Second only to her neck, which rewards the best giggles.
Oh, these hands. They grab everything within reach. They are soft and strong, much like the arms they are attached to.
The booty. Painkins make her giggle. Her giggle makes me giggle.
Her soft soft hair that teases us with hints of red.
A soul as beautiful as her face! I have never met a happier baby, and can’t imagine one is even possible.
I am sure one day there will be features she does not like, qualities in her appearance she finds unflattering. I deeply desire that she will believe me when I tell her that she is beautiful. That she is a perfect height, her nose is beautiful, her build is just right, and she is nothing short of stunning. Practically perfect in every way.
Penelope officially turned two and a half yesterday! Yeesh! Two and a half. What to say about two and a half. Much different from plain ‘ole two that’s for sure.
She always wants to participate in Amelia’s “photo shoots,” so I have been doing updates on her as I go along! As many photos as I have of this gorgeous girl, the thought, “enough” never crosses my mind, so by all means jump in this double-dutch Miss P, there’s room for two!
Penelope is talking somewhat in sentences now! Talking. Oh the talking. So much talking. All day with the talking. Thankfully she has a sweet voice and only kind words to say!
She. is. silly.
Silly as the day is long!
She is getting whiney.
Whiney as the day is long!
Just kidding. :)
Her favorite color is yellow, for today at least.
She enjoys Doc McStuffins above all other options in our dvd selection.
Dancing is still one of her favorite things in life.
She asks to go to Grandma’s house each and every day. It’s getting old. Sweet that she loves her grandparents, but geez Louise, I can only take so much of repetitive requests that end with a “No, not today.”
She is so smart! She can count to ten, when she wants to. She spotted the ‘1” on our door and said, “One!” She is learning so many animals and their noises. She can say every word she needs to in daily speech, and then some.
She is hilarious! She makes me belly laugh.
I can’t help but smile at how sweet and loving she is towards Amelia, her daddy, and I. Her heart is huge. Getting bigger everyday.
Check out this cleft chin!!! My girls are a good blend of my sister-in-law and I. A good combo if you ask me!
Zack and I have decided, we’re ganna keep ‘em.
They’re just too cool.

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  1. Such beautiful, precious girls! And mama is a fantastic photographer!


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