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Last week was a productive one for Zack and I, and a laid back one for the girls. I think I like that balance best.
We got a little backed up in the doing dishes department this past weekend. We had to substitute sippy cups for a bottle. Makes water taste better.
We added some new additions to the apartment as well. (Not all shown here.)
A new bookshelf (the top of which still needs to be decorated), camera poster, welcome mat, and finished desk made by Zack are just a few.
After work grocery shopping means supper out of the house. I think it’s not a stretch to say Amelia loves her Daddy. :)
Grocery shopping took a detour to the bike section. We tested out a Minnie Mouse helmet. Nice huh?
Soon I hope to get Penelope a tricycle. We’re kind of a bike family. The sooner the better. I think she is ready. A couple weeks ago, while at an antique store Penelope hopped on a (somewhat rusty) tricycle and took off! It’s in our blood I think.
Penelope has been bird watching (no doubt a hobby inherited from her Great-Great-Uncle Gene) from her window. She takes breaks to play ipad games…
S o. m u c h. laundry has been hung up over the past few days. Ugh. Not my favorite chore.
Love love love long underwear jammies. Especially the red full body sort. (and post-nap puffy eyes!)
Many-a-nap happened in the swing last week.
Our porch got a make over. We welcomed in spring right this year. Safe to say this porch will get a lot of use over the next few months.
(Swing built for Zack’s dad by a family friend, Cracker Barrel rocker gifted to us from Zack’s grandparents, table from my friend Jonathan, red chair purchased by us from a local antique store.)
Thanks for reading! I hope your weeks were full of work balanced with just as much relaxation, long underwear jammies and bird watching!!


  1. Look at all those cute girl clothes! I want my closet filled with adorable vintagey dresses... I'm also digging the red chair, I am looking forward to more photography with it! We have been loving this weather, walking with the dog, sitting in the grass I have been painstakingly waiting for spring!

  2. I want to sit on the front porch rocker with a baby or little girl on my lap!


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