Porch Weather

Windows open, birds chirping, sun shining, seemed like the perfect time to really begin our spring cleaning! This desire to finally kick this mess in the booty eventually led to straightening up the front porch. Hooray! Thankfully it was still warm and sunny by the time we made it out there.
What a stinker. What an adorably beautiful stinker. She was in such a pleasant mood after taking a nap in Mama’s bed. Mama’s got the fluffy pillows and heavy sheets. :) (and cookies to follow!)
Dress weather!
Mommy can only draw so many babies (amiright Shari?!) before I have to start drawing what I think of and play a “what is this"?” game. This is a bwoon, incase you were wondering.
This plant is a mess. It’s still green though!
Fresh flip-flops on fresh grass!
Zack had to go to Union (45 minutes from us) after work to set up artwork for a high school art show. The other teacher wanted to wait around until the results were in. He got home late.
I stayed up after the girls were in bed to edit photos and do laundry. It was a long day for me. Zack and I also began watching that mini-series on the Bible. I like it! Although, why is everyone Caucasian? I wonder if Jesus will be. Hope you all get a chance to check it out!

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  1. Looks like a long day, but a really good one! And that is the best set of sidewalk chalk I've ever seen! (BTW, if I had to draw a bwoon, it would be a circle with a line dangling from it...I hope Penelope gets her parents' artistic talent!!!)


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