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This week I have felt a mix of relaxation and pressure to get things done around the house. I realize none of what I have to get done has to be completed a.s.a.p, but it is all a jumble in my head and I ‘m having a hard time sorting it out, between taking care of the ladies and giving them quality Mama time.
Here are some photos from the past few days: : :
Amelia has been on a steady feeding schedule since we arrived home. So far so good. I’m hoping to construct a solid feeding and nap schedule, one that hopefully parallels Penelope’s.
Made a run to the hardware store for some art class supplies.
Enjoying the new addition to our outdoor d├ęcor. Looks like something that belongs in my Aunt Mary’s yard, therefore I can’t help but smile when I see it. Zack agrees.
Porch time! It was freezing out, but 5 minutes couldn’t get her sick… right? My next post might just feature a photo of us all snuggling in bed with a box of Kleenexes…hope not.
Mama’s little mama. I try to let her help where she can. In the case of diaper changes, I quietly fix the diaper after Penelope puts it on. Sneaky sneaky. I have to say though, the girl is getting good!
I snagged my old frog jumper back from my sister and Amelia is thoroughly enjoying it! Now if only I could find one in my size.
My sister gifted me these old books! The first one shown is one hundred years old this year! The rest were printed in 1963. They have a story on each side! Done with one, flip it over and begin another. Some are stories that were turned into Disney classics, some are more along the lines of Huck Finn and Robinson Crusoe. There are a total of 13 flip books – 26 stories! We’re starting to read Penelope a chapter before bed. She chose The Jungle Book as her first one, probably because there is a tiger on the front. :)
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Thanks for sharing your Thursday with us.

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