Monday evening we watched the high school soccer game. Penelope was itching to join in with the big girls. “My ball?”
She kept calling it baseball.  Seems Zack and I have some more drilling “soccer is the best sport!” into her brain. :)
Penelope was both fascinated with and terrified of this bus. “My bus?” Ha, she really wants to get involved with things around her.
What a hottie!
Amelia was covered with the rainbow blanket, as it was forty degrees. Zack told me as we were getting ready, “Its getting cooler outside.” He failed to mention it was f r e e z I n g. I wore flip flops. I lost all feeling in my toes, didn’t pack hot chocolate, wore a light jacket, and would’ve brought a blanket for Penelope had I known.
Luckily we had a [half deflated] ball in our van. Penelope and I kept ourselves moving to stay warm. She really wanted baseball to be involved in this day. She ran to the tiny baseball area next to the soccer field saying “PawPaw?” (Zack’s grandpa and Penelope watch baseball together.)
No PawPaw to be found, but we did find mud! Lots of it.
We’ll be going to the next game, but the car will be loaded down with things we’ll need for any type of weather.
We lost the varsity and junior varsity games, incase anyone was wondering. :)
Oh! We will also be taking her to baseball games, since she is such a fan!


  1. You have to remember that 40 degrees is "slightly cooler" to Zack. As we discussed this past weekend, it was pretty normal to wake up in our awesome house and be able to see your breath. :)
    Oh...and "Pawpaw"? You're killing me! That is adorable!!!


  2. Ha! I guess I need to be more specific when I ask him a weather question! Also, that could explain why it is freezing in our house... Penelope loves her PawPaw! She asked for him so many times during the game, way more than the one time I mentioned in the post.

  3. Brrrr....I'm not a fan of cold either. But it looks like Penelope didn't mind. How cute!


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