Donuts and Books

Last Saturday, the morning of PawPaw and DeeDee’s 60th anniversary celebration, we decided to go out for breakfast and take Miss Penelope to the “bookie store.”
We went to Andy’s Café and Grill on Mexico (corner of Spencer), incase you’re in the area. It used to be Caddyshack. Super nice people!
Penelope was still pretty sleepy. We decided to give her a nap earlier than usual, because of the party later in the day. This plan back fired when it came to family photo time and she was sleepy. Oops.
Also, Reese scratched her face a couple days earlier (by her eye).
Amelia was really into the idea of devouring her crinkle toy.
We ran out of milk so we had a sampling of half and half displayed on the table. Makes for good mustaches.
Here are some photos from the library portion of our outing: : :
On another note, spring has yet to arrive where we live. I’m so ready. We’re making attempts to get outside despite the chill. More on that to come this week, for now we’re making due indoors and getting some spring cleaning done…slowly.
Also, great things are happening in regards to Zack’s work, I will try to share more on that this week as well.

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  1. Penelly looks exactly like you jade its neat! I loved the library as a kid there is so much to read and escape to a world of awesome. That's right you eat that crinkle toy Miss Mia!


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