Saturday at the Park

Warning: : PHOTO OVER LOAD! :)
Saturday was the first actually warm day here. It was super windy, but we tried to look past it.
Picnic at the park seemed like the perfect way to celebrate such weather.
Diaper changes in the car. Those are 2T pants, ya’ll! Not a perfect fit, but too close for me! Thankfully we had a pair of Penelope’s pants lying in the car. Not sure why, but who am I to question such a gift? Pants are pants.
Slides are the bomb-diggity. I can just see the look on Penelope’s face years down the road as she reads over this and notices that her Mom sent the phrase bomb-diggity out into the cyber world for all to see. Let the embarrassing begin!!!
For the record, my parents were not the embarrassing type, but then again, had they ever said “bomb-diggity”…
Best. Park. Ever.
We actually had a Rogers family reunion here a couple years back!
Shortest slide I’ve ever seen.
Remember the rocking horses we had as kids? The kind with barely-there handle bars. Now they have seats with walls. No boo-boos on their watch!
Windy, but warm.
Cute and she knows it.
I hope she always knows it. Sometimes life takes over and negative views of others overtake Mama’s bias “you’re the most beautiful girl in the world!” complements fall to the back of the line.
Nothing cooler that watching dirty water from a bridge. Well, maybe watching fish swim by. We’re making lemonade… or “Lemon” as Penelope calls it. We’re making Lemon out of Lemons?
I never want her to be this far from me again. Never. Makes me sad just thinking about it. After I type this post, I’m going to crawl into bed with her and snuggle and kiss that most-beautiful-of-faces over and over.
I hope they are always this close. I’m sure that is not a realistic thought to have, but I’m keeping it. Locking it away.
Checking for Mommy’s presence.
I love my girls.
Thank you Lord for the blessing of my children. After what he saw in me as he hung there on the cross, He still thinks I deserve the wonderful task of raising such beautiful beings. I hope He is, in turn, blessed by the job I do.


  1. Oh, He's blessed. More than you know.
    Beautiful blog, Jade. It's great that you realize how fast the years go and you choose to enjoy every moment.


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