Sunday Out of Doors

Sunday was gorgeous! Eighty degrees, sunshine, a slight breeze. Beautiful.
Before church, Penelope watered the plants on the porch with enough water that we won’t have to water them for a month! Thanks P! One less thing for my to-do list.
She also almost broke the plant (last photo), but it’s all good. She is learning responsibility and gardening skills. Two things I find important in life.
Sunday school gave us an excellent lesson on Solomon. I learn so much and gain a better perspective each time I attend this class. We are the youngest (at 25) in the class, by quite a bit, which is probably why we get such a perspective and in depth lesson. –Oh, and funny lessons! Let’s face it, older folks have better jokes. Am I right? I’m right.
After church we took the long way home. Our favorite way to get anywhere. Hello back roads and livestock! We even stopped to pet some pretty mules, who took a break from eating to say hello. Penelope just watched. :)
Penelope was aching to swing. I told her we could go swing for five minutes before her nap, since Zack could watch Amelia.
She didn’t want to swing because the swings were hot. Oh well. Watching her walk with her hands on her hips was all I needed to satisfy my time at the playground!
Penelope picked up a new watering can this weekend / / I enjoyed some swing time with Amelia / / Amelia enjoyed some Daddy time / / Zack finished the desk he was building for me! / /Zack rode his bike around town to further soak up the sunshine / / Amelia attempted to gnaw through the watering can. The watering can won.
Hope your Sundays were just as relaxing!


  1. I love the picture of Penelope standing with her hands on her hips. Her daddy used to stand just like that!

  2. Really?! That's awesome, I hope it sticks, I find it extraordinarily cute!

  3. I love the Penelly picture of her watering the plant and almost decapitating it hehe. She is like, "H-hold on, I didn't get the roots!" The Miss Mia rolls on her legs is just too cute for words! And Zack's bike is pretty freaking epic

  4. Ha! Beth I can't help but smile and laigh as I read your comments! I love how much you love my girls. Yes, she has to do any job the best she can - so every inch of that plant will be watered! :) I am definitely going to miss those rolls when they're gone.


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