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This week has been a hectic one. Non-stop. I feel as though things will never get done around here. I will never get caught up.
That being said, you may have noticed around here on the blog, mess and and a long to-do list have been pushed to the back of my mind and fun times with my gals has taken a residence in an adirondack chair on the seaside of my brain, and has no intention of leaving anytime soon.
We gave up Reese to a friend Tuesday, and spent the entire day with my best friend and her husband. She gave my girls each a dress. This pale pink princess dress you see above is obviously for Penelope. Amelia’s (hopefully) won’t fit her until this summer, as it is 18 months in size.
Bubbles! I am pretty happy about this warm weather and evenings ending with rich colored sunsets. More porch time! More time for bubbles! Slow sways on the swing with my eldest lady!
“Gone gone…”
Also, this onsie went from fitting to not fitting over night. Good thing I take so many pictures. I have a feeling this time in her life will be gone very soon, too soon.

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  1. Princess Pen--pretty in pink! And Amelia is already wearing her cute yellow bumble bee outfit from Dee Dee! Adorable!


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