Dragging Spring out of Hiding

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Friday evening we took a trip to Lowes in an attempt to d r a g spring to our house. It is still cold here. Weather, my least favorite thing about this state.  Almost ten years here and I’m still not used to it. Thankfully we have a Lowes that supplies the goodness of other states allowing us to see the beautiful things other places are enjoying naturally.
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Getting a big whiff of these flowers.
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Penelope would pick a petal or two off of the little flowers and place them on the red cart? and push them around. So cute.
DSC_5127 - CopyDSC_5131 - Copy
The proper way to smell a flower. Now you know! :)
She would do an adorable sideways jog along the row of flowers, sniffing the air like a dog. Much like the sniffs I do to her when playing the “smelly feet game,” another one of our classics in the making.
DSC_5136 - CopyDSC_5138 - Copy
What’s prettier than a multitude of vibrant pots? PENELOPE’S FACE! I just want to hug her so tight!
DSC_5144 - CopyDSC_5145 - CopyDSC_5160
Penelope’s favorite flower of the day, the Lobelia.
Pink flamingo sans legs.
We ended up getting a bird house and hanging plant for the porch. We put the bird house we had already by the kitchen window so Penelope can watch birds while she helps cook and do dishes. She really enjoys watching birds.
I hope wherever you are, you are able to enjoy warm, toasty, sunny, clear weather!! Spend a few minutes in it for us, please!


  1. Beautiful color in your photos~!

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