River Exploration

It is no secret, we are a family who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors. We wish we could spend every moment we are not sleeping or cooking, outside. We’d even eat the food we cook, outside. Probably why we like states that aren’t wintery eight months of the year…
Last week a warm day presented itself and we couldn’t pass up the chance to take a drive to a deserted river!
Penelope could spent just as much time outside as her parents. Dirt. Water. Rocks. Nature. She consumes it all.
I could not look more like my mom in this picture! I could, however, stand to do something about this hair of mine! Yikes.
Maybe Penelope can give me some tips on hair care. :) Wet, sleep on it, you’re good to go…supposedly!
I love this girl and her curiosity. I hope she doesn’t out grow it. I hope as a woman of 103 she is a book of knowledge on all subjects of God and life. Full of stories worth telling. Her heart still as full of love and forgiveness. Her face covered in beautiful wrinkles, hair white as snow. hands as tender as those of her Great-Grandmothers’.
Go nature! Go women who wear there age proudly!
…this post took a turn… :)

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