Magical Afternoon

I love how heavy baby girls become fresh from a good nap. Legs too tired to latch onto Mommy’s waist, arms twice as tight around Mommy’s neck, and Mommy’s grip as tight as can be around her waist.
Afternoons like this make me want to hold her a little longer, hold her hands a little tighter, stare into her eyes with more intention, get to know the tiny details of her features so easy over looked.
Peanut butter in Mommy’s bed! Simple things that make her giggle make my heart as warm as asphalt on a July afternoon.
Amelia joined the party while we still had some cuddle left in us. I could watch them interact all day long. I hope I soak in their fights during the teenage years. Just as important. I hope those fights bring them closer together and not further apart. They belong together. We belong together.
Here is a funny Q&A Penelope and I had during our snuggle: : :
What is your favorite animal? - Horsy!
What is your favorite color? – Lellow.
What is your favorite number? – LION! – No, as in 1, 2, 3, 4… – (long pause) Zebra! – Perfect.
Do you like inside or outside better? – OUTSIDE!
Do you like birds? – YES!!
Do you like when birds walk or fly better? – Walkfly.
Walk and fly at the same time? – yeah. – That would be cool! – (giggle)

I love my girls. Such a great blessing from the Lord. Soaking it in. Slowly. Properly.

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  1. Wow---too cute! I love how Penelope and Amelia are already such good friends!


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