…and then we danced.

dance (2)
If you read this blog on a regular basis, you may remember my last post. We cuddled. Hardcore snuggled. Took note of each others tiny details. Against Amelia’s will, we made squishy faces.
Well, afterwards – WE DANCED!
dance (1)dance (3)dance (4)
Her lack of regard for what others think of her sweet sweet moves, sets such a great example for the adult in me. Encouraging me to live with more intention to disregard intention. To just be. Let my freak flag fly as it were.
dance (5)dance (6)
I love it! Ah, if only I could somehow manage to inherit such skills from her.
I’m sure every parent watches their children with such a desire to capture certain moments or qualities of them in a jar to keep safe forever. If such a thing were possible, I would definitely be in the next episode of Hoarders. Fo’. Sho’.
dance (7)dance (8)
Purchasing butterfly net. Chasing [and capturing] magical moment #942. Cramping into mason jar. Twisting lid on TIGHT! That bad boy is going nowhere. Knocking down wall to create more space for my addiction.

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