While waiting for Grandma

Wednesday my mom arrived to spend a few days with us. Since the sun was shining and the rain had passed (for one day!) I decided to take the girls on a walk to the library.
It was so beautiful – and HOT! Penelope was fascinated with the animals we saw. Okay, pretty much just the birds. :)
Trucks. She likes trucks a lot! She points every one out and names their color. Never cars though. What is it with kids and trucks?
Best hand to hold. So glad she still wants to hold Mommy’s hand. Really hard to push a stroller one handed though, so this moment only lasted half a block. It was okay though, because she found flowers on the curb. Nothing like fresh air and flowers to make a sick girl forget about being sick.
“Daddy flower. Baby flower.” I assume because one is big and one is small.
They smell amazing. I haven’t smelled flowers so fragrant in quite a while. I guess because they were grown naturally?
Not sure what tree this is, but I would love one in my future yard!
Oh, a yard…what a dream.
We did make it to the library, and spent all of 15 minutes there before we had to return home. I think once the weather decides to be pretty for a long period of time we will go a few times a week. More photos from the library in a later post. For now I will leave you with how Zack sports flowers from his lady…
You’ll notice, his hands are covered in paint from class, he is wearing a Christian Rock shirt, and a St. Louis Cardinals hat. Add in some flowers, and that sums him up pretty well. :)

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