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This week has given me butterflies of excitement for what is to come in the next few months.
Spring will bring more time outside with the girls. More time in dresses. More time at the library and the playgrounds. More time on the porch and time spent on bikes.
Aside from daily ‘round the town type of stuff, Zack’s work is exciting as well. His contract has been renewed at both schools, and summer school is around the corner. Just over a month left of this semester, and his first year as a teacher will be over!
After summer school we have a trip to see family – we are taking 2-3 weeks for it!! He has to be back in July for one day, so it get’s in the way of a longer trip, but we will take what we have and stretch it across as many states as we can! We really miss the southeast and those we love who live there. Wish we lived closer to them.
(We probably won’t be back up to St. Peters until August at the earliest I would think, for those of you living there.)
My mom drove down to watch the girls so I could go to the dentist, and stayed for a few days. Amelia and Grandma Penny bonded. Sad and happy to say, Miss Amelia has a new best friend – cue uncontrollable sobbing.
Yesterday after Zack arrived home we cleaned the house, and decided to take Penelope out to eat for helping Mama and Grandma so much. (and Zack making it through the week!)
The view on our way home (at the girls’ bedtime, oops.) after eating and picking up a red wagon for the girls. Can’t wait to use that wagon!!! C’mon warm weather!
I have photos to take for a couple today, Zack is going hiking, and church tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love reading your posts! Wish I were creative like you Lol

  2. I love that picture of Penelope on the long bench at the library. And Amelia is precious is Pen's old dress. Stop growing so fast, 'Mia!


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