Is It Finally Spring?

We had such a relaxing, yet full, warm, yet breezy weekend.
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I was able to take photos for friends who are adopting three gorgeous children! We went out for lunch as well- hooray for sharing a meal with adults!!
Penelope was adorable as usual!
Thank you Martha for this beautiful coat! It matches her lipstick perfectly. :)
I am so glad she adores the doll I made her. She has been the pick of the litter lately.
We did it. We took the plunge. We are now the owners of a Radio Flyer wagon! We broke it in by taking a (several mile) walk through new unexplored-by-us neighborhoods.
Favorite hand-me-downs from big sister were worn!
We spent Sunday afternoon with our Uncle Greg! Zack went over to help him mow (Zack needed to get back on a mower, baaad!) and spend time with his Uncle.
The ladies and I took some great naps! We joined them later for pizza and golf and time spent with puppy doggies.
Some of you may remember, this is where we were married. One of our favorite places this world has to offer.
We came home, girls took baths, jammied up, watched some Pooh movie, read some books and headed off to bed.
Hope your weekends were just as enjoyed.


  1. Sounds perfect! (And Spring is my favorite time of year--hope we get lots more days like that!)

  2. Me too, I hope the days you are here visiting are just as nice!


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